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Community Discussion


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

On Saturday, January 28, Altrusa of Meredith is hosting a guest speaker, Christina Vogel, to lead a community discussion on Ukraine at the Meredith Community Center - One Circle Drive, Meredith NH.

The event is free to the public and light refreshments will be served.  A snow date is set for Sunday, January 28.  

Ms. Vogel's presentation will focus on Ukraine's history, the historic dynamics of current events and implication for the future, including suggestions on how individuals can make a meaningful, positive impact today.

For additional information, please call 603 832-9106.  

Our Tri-County Birthday Party October 18, 2022

It was a wonderful event celebrating with OUR sisters from Carroll County & Laconia at The Mountain View Station in Ossippe on October 18th.

It is always so nice to get together with our Altrusa sisters where we re-connect and catch-up with everyone and their club's activities.....boy we are a busy group!

Pictured above are: Meredith Altrusa President MaryAnne Skwanski,Carroll County President Beth Wheatley-Dyson, Governor-Elect of District One Rita Cote, and Co-Presidents of Laconia Sue Clausen and Stephanie Gilbert.


Accepting the Letha H. Brown Literacy Award: Co-Chairs Pat McFarlin and Marie Stephens.  This is an annual award given at the District and International level each year.  Our award was for an ongoing project at Inter-Lakes Elementary School where we provided supplemental reading support on a weekly basis by facilitating small group activities in kindergarten and first grade classrooms to strengthen reading skills.

The Literacy Committee assembled and distributed over 100 "Welcome to Kindergarten Bags" to Inter-Lakes Elementary School, Moultonborough Elementary and New Hampton School.  
L TO R:  Co-Chairs Marie Stephens and Pat McFarlin, Lynne Cayer, Vivien Mitchell, and Doreen Carson.

April 16, 2022

To get started, you need to know the rules so  Sara Perkins, MCC Program Director is explaining  the rules to the kids...and, off they go to the hunt!

Below ( left to right) are Altrusa members: Paula Trombi, Cindy Day, the Easter Bunny,
Vivien  Mitchell, Carol Gerken and Sylvia Detscher.

Teacher Appreciation Week

On May 5, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, our Community Service Committee provided healthy snacks, fruit, and granola bars for the teachers and staff at Inter-Lakes Elementary School.  Pictured here is Community Service Member Vivien Mitchell who assembled and delivered the treats.

Meredith Village Savings Bank honoring  us with a $1000 donation for International Women's Day with the distinction of  "Empowered Women." 

Above,  left to right are: MaryAnne Skawanski 1st Vice President and charter member of this club, Sylvia Detscher, President, Amy Harpwell-LeMein Route 104 Branch & Business Development  Manager and Cindy Hemeon-Plessner Senior VP and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer of Meredith Village Savings Bank.

Thank you Governor Pam Lemieux for  visiting and inspiring us to continue doing community service in our area.

 In honor of Valentine's Day, Altrusan Karen Truberg (on the right) delivered over 100 valentine cards to Goldenview Concierge Maureen.  Over 100 cards were distributed as well as boxes of candy to all the units at Goldenview Healthcare Center on February 15th.  It is our sincere hope that this effort helped to brighten the day for the the residents and caregivers both. 

We hosted a vaccine clinic at the Community Center on January 15th.  Despite the frigid temps, we vaccinated many  folks of  all ages, keeping them and our Community safe.  Thanks to all who came out, and additional thanks to the crew from the NH Stae Mobile Van and the volunteers from our Community Service  Committee.  Pictured  left to right are Altrusans Nancy, Carol and far right Kathy  with State Vaccine Administrator Alissa.

Back row,  left to right:  Altrusa Literacy Co-chairs:  Marie Stephens and Pat McFarlin with Inter-Lakes Kindergarten  Teacher Katie Earl;  Front row,  left to right: Reading Specialists and Title 1 Project Manager  Aleisha Parks with  ILES Kindergarten Teacher Erin Geib.

Altrusa Community Service Committee  Members Wanda Henderson, Vivien Mitchell, and Judy Hodges are  creating "Sweet Treat " bags of candy for the residents of Golden View Health Care Center.

A Visit from our former President

Hilda Schmidt (on the left) was formerly the president of our Club  and is now a director on the board of the Eastern Conneticut Altrusa Club .  She spoke to our club on the good works that all of our Altrusa Clubs do all around the world.  To her right is Linda French 2nd Vice President and MaryAnne Skawinski 1st Vice president of our club.

Tougher than it looks...but these gals  have it mastered.  This is Community CareGiver annual mini-golf fund raiser. 

We did not forget our men and women in Blue.  

Here between Altrusa members Barbara Goren and Judy Hodges is Officer Eihorn of the Meredith Police Department.  

The Altrusa Community Service Committee delivered baskets that the Club put together to honor the Inter-Lakes Elementary Teachers during Teachers Appreciation Week 2021.  Pictured here are Altrusan Vivien Mitchell and ILES Principal Mike Bryant accepting the baskets on Friday, May 7th.

This  is  Greg of  Isiah 61 Cafe' accepting sleeping bags for their guests. from Nancy Law and Paula Trombi.


Helping the Meredith Chamber of Commerce decorate the outside of their office are left to right:  Former President Carol Gerken, Chamber Staff Stephanie Whiting, 1st Vice President MaryAnne Skawinski, and President Sylvia Detscher.

InterLakes PTO Members

Ready to serve the next customer at Weinie Weekend are:  left to right Riley, Alison and Elena.


Altrusan Kerry Raymond shown with just a few of the 75 toys collected for Toys for Tots

First, you have to load up the truck for Weinie Weekend

 Right to left: Altrusa President Sylvia Detscher and a very active PTO Family of Emma, David, their parents and Dave Detscher,



Community Service Committee members Vivien Mitchell and Kathy LaPoint delivered these brightly colored gift bags filled with all kinds of shower and bath products to  New Beginnings fin Laconia..

"Giving is not just about making a donation.  
It is about making a difference."

Kathy Calvin, CEO and President United Nations Foundation


"Laying of the Wreaths"

We wish to recognize the Humble Grunt Work Group for overseeing this endeavor by preparing the wreaths and delivering and plowing access ways throughout the Meredith Center Oakland Cemetery on the Saturday before Christmas 2020.   
L to R: Nancy, Linda, Carol and Sylvia were honored to play a small part in tribute to our many heroes from Meredith.

                        "Giving is not about making a donation.  It is about making a difference."  

                                                                                                                         Kathy Calvin, CEO and President United Nations Foundation

Collections of household products for Belknap House on 
     "Make a Difference Day"

Altrusa members gathered at Jacki Taylor's office.  Left to right: Community Service Committee Co- Chair Nancy Law, Co-Chair Kathy LaPoint, committee members Vivien Mitchell, Jacki Taylor and Connie Van Dam.

.....​and shown here making the delivery to Belknap House are left to right:  Co-Chairs Kathy LaPoint and Nancy Law along with Altrusa President Sylvia Detscher

         Altrusan Pat McFarlin making a donation to the Red Cross Blood Drive.


Here are Pat and  Nancy donating their blood to the Red Cross at St. Charles Church in Meredith​

Altrusa Receives Donation from 
Maxfield Real Estate's   
"We Care Program"

Left to Right:  Kathy LaPoint, former Altrusa President, Cindy Day, Altrusa Treasurer, and Annie Stanford of Maxfield Real Estate. Missing from the picture is Realtor Lisa Merrill.  Annie & Lisa chose the Meredtih Altrusa Club as their local non-profit, which means they donated 2% of their overall yearly sales commissions our club.


Valentine Treats for Forestview

Adding to the Valentine's Day Fun at Forestview are Vivien Mitchell and Nancy Law delivering candy and Valentine gift bags for both the residents and staff members.  


 Our Community Service  Committee delivered sandwich/wraps to New Beginnings staff and their guests f for or all the  good work that all of them are doing.

Recipients of our 25th Anniversary Festival of Trees

Because of Covid -19 we held a Virtual Festival of  trees and thanks to the public's support and generosity, the following non-profit organization benefited.

 L to R:  Inter-Lakes Elementry School Principal Michael Bryant, ALtrusa "Charity Tree Co-chair Marie Stephens, Altrusa President Sylvia Detscher, ILES Reading Specialist /Project Manager Alesia Parks for Interlakes Christmas Funds, Director and Founder of Isiah 61 Cafe' Dawn Longval,  Ashley Suckling and Liza Epstein for the Inter-Lakes K-12 PTO.

The Altrusa Literacy Committee Christmas Tree

Every year our club has a literacy tree at the Festival of Trees.  The kids can choose any book from under the tree and read it themselves, or an Altrusa member would be very happy to read it to them.  The book is our gift to them so they can continue to read it at home.  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Our Annual Donation of 

K - Bags

Our Literacy Committee is shown here with the Inter - Lakes Kindergarten staff holding K-bags for incoming kindergartners.  

Altrusa In Action

These pictures depict some of the  service activities we have done for our 

communities over the years .


In the spring of 2014, our Community Service Committee had the idea of starting monthly dinners for local residents. It was decided to have a three - month trial that was a big hit and has continued on ever since, currently taking place the 4th Wednesday of each month all year round at the Meredith Community Center, One Circle Drive. Doors open at 5 pm; dinner served at 5:30 pm. 

There is no charge, but donations are appreciated. 

The 2020 schedule has been postponed due to the conditions we are going through at this time.  We do hope you are all healthy and look forward to seeing  you soon.  




Here's to the Past, Present, and Future 

"Never erase your past, it shapes who you are today, and will help you to be the person you are tomorrow"

by  Ziad K. Abdelnour

These are our ongoing and some of our past activities

2020 Festival of Trees 

This year was to be our 25th Anniversary of our annual Festival of Trees but due to Covid 19 this year it was a little different in that it went Virtual  Hopefully we will be able to get back to normal and have it live as it has been for 24 years.

 Tots Drive

Toys for Tots started in 1941 to collect new and used toys for children. The Marine Corps Reserve Unit is the official group that sponsors the program. It is now an international group. For the last several years, the Marines have collected only new toys. The Toys for Tots logo was  designed by Walt Disney. 

Poetry in Action

Altrusa sponsored a visit by Alice B. Fogel, New 

Hampshire Poet Laureate.  Ms. Vogel instructed the students of Inter-Lakes school district on poetry writing over a two - day period, as well as addressing the community during an evening event.


Awarding Annual Scholarships is our passion.  It's where we can help non-traditional students  continue education in either their current field or start in a new field of endeavor. 

Kindergarten Bags

Each year Meredith Altrusa collaborates with the local schools to create "Welcome to Kindergarten" bags filled with learning activities for incoming Kindergarten students. The bags are given to children at Kindergarten Orientation. 

Got Lunch Program

Members of Altrusa volunteer for this worthy program delivering weekly lunches every Monday, June through August, to qualified families in the area.  We also provide reading material such as  the Junior Scholastic magazines. 
Farm to Table Program

A number of years ago some Altrusan's had an idea for a gleaning new project.  It involved the act of collecting crops from farmers fields.  It was immediately embraced by John Moulton.  John generously agreed to support this project in providing fresh vegetables to the local food pantries and other well-known, non-profit organizations in our area. When it started Altrusans actually picked the veggies in the fields.   Eventually we moved inside and took from that day's picking of vegetables.  Every Tuesday evening's in the summer, Altrusa members box the various vegetables, load their cars and deliver the produce Wednesday morning to local food pantries and other non-profits working to help those in need.

Bobby's Barrels

Each week during the summer, an Altrusan waters and deadheads the planters at the Lake Waukewan boat launch.  We do this to honor the memory  our sister Bobbi Smyth. 

Meredith Community Center's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We have for many years donated candy and helped fill the plastic eggs for the many kids who love to come and look for them.

Food Drive

We host many food drives.  All items are  donated to the Meredith and Moultonborough Food Pantries.

In conjunction with other non -profits:

  1. Inter-Lakes Elementary School: helping to collect new or gently-used winter clothing
  2.  Meredith Rotary Club: Coordinated with Rotary's Inter-Act program by collecting and donating hundreds of socks for the homeless. 
  3. Golden View:  Hosting teas, making and delivering May baskets to the residentstalking withresidents and recording their stories for posterity and hiring entertainment for their afternoon pleasure.

  4. Zienzele Foundation:  Selling the beautifully hand made baskets which aid the children who have lost parents through AIDS.  All monies go back to Zimbabwe to cover the school costs for the orphaned children. 
  5. NH State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen:  In honor of our ​veterans who have kept this country safe, we have volunteered to place an American Flag beside each grave site for the Memorial Day celebration.
  6. Monetary Donations are made to the following non-profit organizations in the Lakes Region.  To name at least a few they are: 
    Inter-Lakes Community Caregivers, 
    The Circle Program, Turn up the Heat, the Meredith Community Center Summer Camp program, Lakes Region Visiting Nurses, the Salvation Army, Belknap House, Isiah 61Cafe' and Belknap House.

Ben & Jerry's Fundraiser

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Store in Mill Falls partners with Altrusa and other non-profit organizations by donating a percentage of the sales of a given day to further their initiatives .

Homebound Deliveries

Once a month the a member of the Literacy Committee delivers books to home-bound  patrons of the Meredith Library  and return to the library the previous month's books.

The Pemi-Baker Spelling Bee

Altrusa annually supports the works of the Pemi-Baker Literacy Program that focuses on filling gaps in the literacy needs in the Plymouth area with a volunteer-based tutoring program.  Each year Pemi-Baker hosts a fundraising spelling bee and Altrusa has enthusiastically supported this event with a financial donations and club teams, all in costume with creative names to match, such as: Stellar Spellers, Dalmatian Spellers, Siskateer Spellers and the Spelling Bees.



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