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What is Altrusa?


The Altrusa Club of Meredith is comprised of over 35 women from the surrounding local communities. We are recognized as leaders in service who contribute to the betterment of the communities from which we draw our membership.

Mission Statement

We will support individuals, families, and organizations within our communities, local and global.

February 6, 2022

Our sister Susan Amiss died at her home on February 6, 2022 after a brief illness. at the age of 78.

Susan was the wife of the late Tazewell Brooke Amiss IV and the mother of Tazewell Brooke Amiss V and grandmother to Shannon Mae Amiss. 

She was a very kind and giving person who volunteered in many, many  of our projects.  She was imaginative  and always offering great ideas to make something better or new ideas for different  projects we could do for the community or other fundraisers.

Even when she took a short hiatus she offered to help in any way she could, She was active in many other organizations as well.  Communing Care Givers, the Meredith  Historical Society, the Garden Club.  She loved to be with people and had many friends

Susan will be greatly missed by all of her Altrusa Sisters.  

Towns in the Meredith Club

Meredith Center Harbor  HoldernessLaconia Moultonborough

These are just a few pictures depicting what we do​​​ with others and for others

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