Altrusa of Meredith, NH - Leading to a Better Community
Sponsored by the local Altrusa Club, Astra serves as a volunteer organization for young people, ages 12 to 25,  and inspires members
to use their time and talents to enrich the lives of others.

Community Service
Serves the community in three ways:
Develops relationships with key community service providers and assesses needs within the community
Responds to request for assistance for victims of diaster
Promotes and supports cultural arts awareness and activities with club members.
 Chair: Cindy Day 

Community Dinners

Homemade meals served to area residents by members of the committee. Held at the  Meredith Community Center the fourth Wednesday of each month. Dinner is served at 5:30. Doors will open at 5:00 to give everyone a chance to visit with neighbors over a cup of coffee.  The dinner is free, but some guests may choose to make a very welcome donation.

Finance / Bylaws
Finance is responsible for keeping financial records and monitoring the Club Budget by meeting with Committee Chairs to project a budget for upcoming year based on committee discussions, needs, expenditures for current year to project what is needed for next year.  Budget is presented to Board of Directors for review and ultimately voted on by general membership.

Bylaws reviews and make recommendations for any changes to Club Bylaws and keeps membership  aware of changes, presenting to the Disrict BRR for approval prior to membership for final approval.
Chair:  Sylvia Detscher

Organizes and runs programs for dinner meetings and internal fundraisers. Members serve as hosts for dinner meeting, including set up, collecting dinner money, running dinner raffles and greeting members & guests.
Chair:  Linda Ridenour   Co Chair:  Brenda Vittner

Proposes and implements projects to promote and develop literacy within the community.
Co Chairs: Ann Perra and Helen Watkinson

Membership Committee
Plans and presents/implements informational meetings and other ongoing programs to gain new members and to retain existing members.   Mentors prospective members and coordinates the initiation of new members
Chair:   Monica Bennett
Oversees the club's scholarship program.  This includes publicity, distribution of applications, interviewing and selection of candidates.
Chair:  Lorraine Cahill & Co Chair:  Shirley Currier

Communications/Public Relations/Archives
  • Communications:           
             Develops and implements processes for communicating to members.               Publishes a periodic Newsletter to club members.              
             Maintains a yearly scrap book of all newspaper articles and other Altrusa  
             information. The scrap book would include photos taken at events etc.
  • Submit photos and articles to newspapers and other media to promote and raise awareness of Altrusa. Develops relationships with other area service clubs and works with them and club membership to further promote Altrusa and what we can offer to the community.
  • Maintains permanent records of the club's documents, awards and photos.
Chair: Lisa Davis