Altrusa International Club of Meredith - Leading to a Better Community
We meet twice a month; 1st Tuesday of the month is the Business meeting at the  Meredith Community Center (MCC) the 3rd Tuesday of the month is our members dinner meeting.  Dinner meeting's are held at various at local restaurants.  We meet September until early or mid June.

Guests can attend either or both meetings, typically you would have a member accompany and  sponsor you should you be interested in joining .  If you would like to come and see what we are a
ll about please do email us at:

We will be sure to contact you and have a member bring you or meet you at the meeting
whichever you prefer.

 . February Business Meeting: Feb. 5th at the Meredith Community Center at 6pm.
Dinner Meeting:  The Mug Restaurant, Rt. 25, Meredith at 5:30pm  

 .  March Business Meeting:  March 5th at  the Meredith Community Center at 6pm
 .  March Dinner Meeting:  The Meredith Community Center, 1 Circle Dr. Meredith at 6pm

 .  April Business Meeting:  April 2nd at the Meredith Community Center at 6pm
 .  April Dinner Meeting: April 9th.  Time & place to be determined.  It is our Tori-Club Party
    with Laconic and Carroll County Altrusa Clubs.

 .  May Business Meeting:  May 7th at the Meredith Community Center at 6pm
 .  May Dinner Meeting:  May 21st at Hart's Turkey Farm, Rt 3, Meredith at 5:30pm  This is our
    Annual Scholarship dinner; awarding alternative students

 .  June Business Meeting: June 4th. Time and place to be determined
 . June Dinner Meeting: June 18th.  Moulton's Farm, Rt 25. Last dinner of the year

                                             COMMUNITY DINNERS FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS

In the spring of 2014 our Community Service Committee had the idea of starting monthly Community Dinners for local residents.  It was decided to have a 3 month trial beginning  that June, July, and August.  

Lo and behold it was a big hit and have continued on the 4th Wednesday of each month all year round at
 the Meredith Community Center, One Circle Dr. Doors open at: 5pm, dinner at: 5:30pm. There is no charge but donations are appreciated as well as RSVP's. 

Here's the 2019 schedule through Oct:  Jan. 23rd, Feb. 27th, Mar. 27th, Apr. 24th, 
May 22nd, June 26th, July 24th, Aug. 28th, Sept. 25th, and Oct. 23rd